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 Green evening on the BeaconSeason of blossomClouds Rising 

Janet’s impulse and inspiration to paint springs from her enjoyment of looking. Having spent most of her life in or near countryside and coast it is probably an accumulation of this experience which informs her painting most in terms of colour and atmosphere.


For a time, the looking and the painting went hand in glove as Janet was a dedicated,all weather,outdoor,representational painter - making images based on direct observation.


Gradually though,the emphasis of her work has changed. She understands this as something akin to developing from composing songs with words to composing songs with no words. Now she takes elements from what catches her eye,perhaps juxtapositions of colours or shapes ,and uses them as a starting point for an approach where any conscious narrative is subordinated to the act of building a painting.


By adjusting,balancing and reacting to what goes on the canvas she seeks to find a coherent image.This involves accepting and working with the unexpected whilst at the same time enabling an image to emerge within a considered pictorial structure.It is an exhilarating and intriguing balancing act between the head,the hand and the heart.


‘…I am so often surprised to have made a painting which I could never have imagined or planned in advance.This way of working has unlocked a new means of expression for me.I like to think that in painting I am releasing some ‘joie de vivre’ and reflecting back into the world some of the wonder I find there…'.

M.A.(Hons) History of Art , St. Andrews University
Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales

B.A.(Hons) Creative Arts (Painting), OCA


Glyndebourne Festival Opera - Artist in Residence,2013

National Trust, 'Inspired by Nymans' Open Exhibition, 2014/15 and 2015/16. 

Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition 2016/17 and 2017/18.Shortlisted 2018 & 2019. Exhibited 2020/21 and painting awarded Paul Henry Prize for Landscape. 

Smallhythe Studio Gallery, 'Six of the Best' Exhibition', 7th - 25th February 2017.

Original House Gallery, Cirencester. Group exhibition.

Royal Society of Marine Artists, Mall Gallery, London.October 2017.

Chelsea Art Society,Chelsea Old Town Hall,London. 26-30th October,2017.

St.Anne's Galleries,High Street,Lewes. Christmas Show 2017 ; Spring Show 2018; Art by Women July 2018, Artwave & Christmas Show 2018 .

Josie Eastwood Gallery,Longstock,Hampshire.Christmas Show 2018; Spring & Summer Show 2019. Spring show 2020. Autumn Show 2020.

EMERGE Contemporary,Highgate,London.Inagural Show  3 October-2 November 2019. The Second Edition Show 2020.

McAllister Thomas Fine Art. Godalming.Surrey.Spring Show 2020. Winter Show 2020.

Frickleton Fine Art. Kings Hill Show, Kent. 2020.


Elected Associate Member of The Ulster Society of Women Artists, 2017.


Paintings in corporate and private collections in the City of London,United Kingdom,Germany, Belgium,Switzerland the USA and Australia.